Paul Thompson - Consultant

Paul Thompson

Paul Thompson is an experienced restructuring banker who retired as Head of Lending Services at HSBC in 2006 having spent over 15 years dealing with underperforming businesses in the UK and Europe in a wide variety of sectors.

During this time he was responsible for the bank’s relationship with Eurotunnel for 3 years, chaired the Creditors’ Committee of a major media insolvency and was Chairman of a 700 branch retailer turning over in excess of £500m until its successful disposal.

Since retiring he has been an independent financial consultant, providing services to a major UK professional services firm and a leading City investment bank. He is Chairman of a financial services business with assets of £1bn, of a care home property company with debts of £1.3bn, of a £1bn plus turnover mobile telephone distribution business and of two Guernsey registered banks. He has also undertaken specific projects for a building materials company and a professional services firm and acted as an expert witness.

Paul has a wide range of intenational experience, including living in Hong Kong for three years. He has worked in Australia, Latin America, Europe and the USA. He is an Associate of the Institute of Bankers, a Fellow and past Chairman of the Institute for Turnaround.


Strong corporate governance is essential in a stressed environment, to make sure that the right things are done at the right time.

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